Saturday, November 29, 2014


I got another 5 star review on Amazon!  I'm so thrilled.

Before I started this journey, I thought most Amazon reviews were fake.  However, Amazon won't let you review your own item, makes reviews it deems likely fake disappear, etc.  

So I'm thrilled to get a review!  Holding my breath for more!  Good or bad or meh.  I just want feedback!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Marketing. Bloggers

I'm a lawyer and a dreamer.  I'm not a marketer.  Heck, this is my first blog.  I follow blogs. I obsess over blogs.  (I've read corporette every morning since 2008).  I know nothing about the blogosphere.  
So, I've decided to reach out to some of my favorite bloggers (not book blogs) and offer Risking Ruin to them. I'm not asking them to do anything in exchange.  If they like it, I hope they will leave a review or tell a friend. If they don't, that's cool, too.  If they just ignore my email, that's cool. I'll probably still follow their blog. ;)

I force arguments on people all day.  I sell all day long. I want people who are organically attracted to  my book to honestly review it. 

I've also tweeted it to a few book blog types.  But those look like authors talking to other authors.   Do you, kind reader, ever read books you've found through twitter?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Self-publishing adventure.

After 10 days on Amazon, my book has garnered 2 reviews.   4 sales and 3 KU/KOLL borrows.   4.5 stars.  

I wasn't looking for magic. I'm realistic.  

So how do I tell people about my work?

Last night I posted my book to a bunch of Google+ groups of romance readers.  

Not sure if that will bring me any traction or not.  

 I'm hesitant to give away or do a promo based on price until I have 10 reviews.  That's the number of reviews that in the past made a book look legit to me. That was before I knew Amazon 'eats' reviews by the author and those whom its bot deems associated w the author.  

Reviews are hard to find when you are starting from scratch.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book released!

Yesterday Risking Ruin was released on Amazon.

Thank you for all of my friends (including my lovely husband) for helping this story go from my imagination to my laptop to reality.

I hope you enjoy Trip and Marisa's adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Buy it here.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, whether here or as a review on Amazon.