Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Self-publishing adventure.

After 10 days on Amazon, my book has garnered 2 reviews.   4 sales and 3 KU/KOLL borrows.   4.5 stars.  

I wasn't looking for magic. I'm realistic.  

So how do I tell people about my work?

Last night I posted my book to a bunch of Google+ groups of romance readers.  

Not sure if that will bring me any traction or not.  

 I'm hesitant to give away or do a promo based on price until I have 10 reviews.  That's the number of reviews that in the past made a book look legit to me. That was before I knew Amazon 'eats' reviews by the author and those whom its bot deems associated w the author.  

Reviews are hard to find when you are starting from scratch.  

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