Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chick lit or Contemporary Romance?

I'm struggling with how to categorize Risking Ruin 

I've got it under Chick Lit and Contemporary Romance

Why Chick Lit?
  • Marisa (female lead) is independent, financially successful, and great at her male-dominated profession.
  • Strong, funny, and open relationship with her best friend.
  • Marisa has interests beyond love -- running, fashion, and a weakness for Anthropologie.
  • Marisa is close with her parents and her best friend's family.
  • Marisa's whole being is not about finding love.
  • Marisa likes craft beer and farm-to-table dining and other current trends.
  • Marisa likes to verbally spar.

Why Contemporary Romance?
  • A few steamy scenes.
  • She falls in love and there is a happy ending.

So, I'd love your thought?  Chick lit?  Contemporary Romance?

I like to think of Risking Ruin as blending the two genres (if they are in fact truly separate genres).

What defines Chick lit for you?  What characteristics define Contemporary Romance?

Where does Risking Ruin belong?  (Available through Kindle Owners Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited.)

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