Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book blogger review! 4 Stars!

Afternoon Reads awarded Risking Ruin 4 Stars!  

An excerpt of the review:
Marisa is a fun, likeable heroine. She’s good at her job, and not so fussed about the fact she hasn’t found a man who wants to stick around for good yet. Sometimes I find strong, independent romance novel heroines too intense, but Marisa was just right on the I love my job and don’t need a man! front. Her parents make a few funny appearances, and I loved her friend Erica too – I can’t get enough well-written girl talk. As for Trip, well, he’s pretty swoon-worthy. He’s not just the playboy Marisa originally takes him to be, and they actually have more in common than she thought. He’s actually pretty perfect, apart from the whole working for her biggest client and a relationship being against the rules thing. The way they work around it is both cute and hot (what actually defines a “sexual” relationship, hmm?). In addition to the romance plot, there’s an interesting little mystery subplot as Marisa and Trip try to figure out the strange connection between the seven or eight sexual harassment suits that have been brought against Branco. 
The full review is found here:

I'm tickled to death that someone would take time to read Risking Ruin and write such a thoughtful review.  She also hit on two of my personal favorite aspects of the story:   

  • working around the prohibition of "sex"
  • a funny and realistic friendship

Have you read Risking Ruin?  What's your favorite part of the story?

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