Friday, January 16, 2015

Kindle Countdown Success!

This week Risking Ruin was a Kindle Countdown!

Normally priced at $2.99, Risking Ruin was 99 cents.  A huge discount.

So, did it work out?

Yes, it did.  I sold as many copies during this week as I had in the past two months.  I also promoted the heck out of it.  Tweeting, blogging, contacting bloggers who had agreed to review to let them know of the promotion, listing the promotion on Goodreads.

It was a lot of work.

So, as this deal comes to a close in a few hours, I think it was a success.   I sold books, got 2 more reviews, and doubled the number of Goodreads users who had it on their shelves.

My goal was to help get my book more exposure.  I think it worked.

The next couple of weeks will be telling and I'll update then.

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