Sunday, January 18, 2015

Risking Ruin - What's next? Surviving Bitsy

I'm about a fifth of the way through the follow up novel to Risking Ruin.  The working title is Surviving Bitsy.

Surviving Bitsy picks up where Risking Ruin left off.  The story opens in the airplane as Erica processes what Trip has done without her knowledge or permission.  The novel follows Marisa and Trip as they go through the ups and downs of an early relationship.   Plus, Erica is back.   Who doesn't need some girl-talk?

We'll also learn about the status of the nine sexual harassment lawsuits and the unwinding of the conspiracy that Trip and Marisa believe they've uncovered.

And why "Surviving Bitsy"?  Don't worry -- this isn't a step-monster story.  Bitsy is lovely. However, Bitsy loves Trip.   Marisa loves Trip.    That can be hard.

Anything you'd like me to include in Surviving Bitsy?  Drop me a line!  MaeWoodWrites at Gmail.

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