Friday, March 27, 2015

Work-life Triage - Forgetting Balance

As most of you know, I'm far from a full-time writer. 
 I'm a mom and a wife and a lawyer and a writer.  

 For me life-work isn't about balance.  It's about triage.

I have a preschooler.  My husband works full time  We both volunteer with non-profits and sit on a few boards. We have pets.  Other than a bi-weekly housekeeper, we don't have any household help.  I work odd and long hours.  No nine-to-five for me.   And that is my saving grace.

For the past 8 days I have been completely lost in lawyer mode.  Little mommy-ing or wife-ing and absolutely no writing.  However, yesterday my lawyering came to a full stop for a few days and I have mommied hard core.   I sorted out old toys, hosted an impromptu sleepover party, snuggled on the sofa in front of a Disney movie, made pancakes from scratch, and facilitated crafts.   With my child off at preschool, I've got a few hours of writing to sneak in before I move to wife-mode and book past-due medical and dental appointments, make a dry cleaning run, swap out moldy fruit from the fridge for fresh from the grocery, and cook a dinner that doesn't involve a microwave.    Wish me luck!   And with further luck, perhaps I'll be able to make some substantial writing progress this weekend.

So, no, there isn't any balance in my life.  No neatly drawn lines at certain hours of the day.  I can't keep all the plates spinning in the air at once.  "Multi-tasking" isn't my strong suit.  I haven't figured out how to wash dishes while taking a conference call.  I certainly don't make play-dough creatures while crafting legal arguments.  I float from one 'crisis" to another, focusing on what needs to be done and when I find that task, I'm in it as close to 100% as humanly possible.  

I don't feel balanced, but I enjoy the binge.  

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