Thursday, June 11, 2015

Risking Ruin - Lawyer Bets on Love in Real Life and Loses

The tension in "Risking Ruin" is Marisa's attraction to Trip, but because he's a client, she is ethically prohibited from having a sexual relationship with him.  
She could lose her livelihood.

Come on, Mae, you say.  Would that really happen?
A lawyer is going to put her career in jeopardy for love?

Why, yes, yes it does happen.

Check out this article on AboveTheLaw to understand how getting involved with an irresistible client ended up being disastrous for one attorney.

Ex-Biglaw Partner Gets License Suspended For Sexual Relationship With Client

So, yup, nookie = license suspension. 


And it looks like when she was fired as General Counsel, he was fired as company president.  

So, Marisa and Trip have a real problem if they want to see each other.  

Find out if it works out for Marisa and Trip in "Borrowing Trouble," due for release in early August on Kindle and in paperback.

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