Saturday, August 15, 2015

Borrowing Trouble - Interview with Marisa Tanner

Get to know Marisa Tanner from her exclusive interview first published on Chapter Five by Joss Radillo

Chapter 5:You are such a successful woman so with a lot of work how do keep yourself in shape ? We know you like to jog but do you keep a strict diet?

Marisa Tanner:  I run everyday.  Sure, some days I have no choice to skip, but I make it a priority to get it in.  I've been running since high school and even was on my college's cross country team until I got hurt, so I honestly don't remember life without running.  I don't diet per se.  I eat pretty consistently, though.  Yogurt with granola each morning.  Lunch is generally a salad or light sandwich at my desk unless I'm out for a business lunch.  If I'm out for a business lunch, then I'm usually so focused that I hardly touch my meal.  I make sure to get quality proteins and greens during dinner.  I snack on almonds.  If you're going to enjoy beer like I do past the age of 30, you've got to make some sacrifices.  For me that means skipping the waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A.

Chapter 5:  being a lawyer most girls think that fashion world does not exist in this profession. How do keep so stylish and glamorous? Do you a beauty routine?

MT: Ha! I wish that were true - I'm far from glamorous, but I do love fashion.  How I present myself at work is very important.  Being a lawyer is 90% sales -- I'm selling to my clients, to other lawyers, to judges, and to juries.  I've got to look poised and polished, even when I don't feel it.  Hence my penchant for nice lingerie and expensive kick-ass stilettos to give me a secret confidence boost.  I'm minimal on make up for work, and might, and I stress might, see a colorist to touch up a few grey hairs that might be starting to appear.  Mid-30s are of full of fun things!  Outside of work, I'm either in Lululemon or Anthropologie.  Gotta let my girlie side out.

Chapter 5:  how do you balance a love relationship with so much work?
Does it scare off some men?

MT: Oh, hell, I'm the last person to give relationship advice.  My job probably does scare some men off, but I can't help that and I do get asked out plenty.  I like who I am and I've got a good life going.  My best friend Erica has been hounding me to sign up for or something, but I can't pull the trigger. I had a bad break up a couple of years ago and haven't really invested in relationships since then. I go out on a lot of first dates, but I haven't found anyone really interesting in a while.  Not wasting my time on a guy when my heart isn't in it.  

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